::cheers to both my candle of life::

.::incik lewar dan incik bonda::.
::mereka adalah pelita hidup saya::

9 hb may 2010..

we gonna celebrate two biggest event tomorrow.melewar's birthday and mother's day.to both important person in my life, i wish both of you will get a healthy, wealthy and prosperous life.no matter what happen in my life, i will always love you.protect you.take a good care of you.be there for you.you are my strength and weaknesses.cause without you, i am nothing.

i know mom, i am not a good daughter.but im try my best to be a good enough for you.i know i always hurt your feeling by not listening to you, by always ignoring your advise, by always being lazy at home, by always asked you to cook for me, by always make you sad and so forth..

mom, i really really sorry for what i did before.i just hope that Allah will give me a strength to pay back your good deed for me.i just hope that i will give you the whole happiness in this world so you can be happy like others mom too.i just wish to give all the things you want in your life so you don't have to bersusah payah like the old days.i just hope that i can pay every single things that you sacrifice in your life for me mom.

mom, i am truly sorry for not being able to be with you all the time.i am so sorry for not being able to take care of you all the time.i am sorry for not being able to call or message you every single days.i am so sorry for being useless mom..

mom..i do love you.thank you so much for being my mom.you are the greatest mom in the world even though i do hurt your feeling long time ago..whatever happened in our past lifeand whatever reason it is, i'm always pray for your happiness.thanks again for being my mom.i always want to be a good daughter to you.may Allah always put His bless to us.amin.

and to melewar, please grow up and be such a good kid.not a spoiled one.please throw those ridiculous lesson you learn from the older.we always love you acikubis..im so sorry for being like mak tiri when we were together..you know how much i love you and i always will.and dont forget your promise when you grow up and have a good job, you gonna hand me all your money.bahahaha:))..promise is a promise lewar:))

ps:i do heart you mom and lewar.and i always will:))


farehul said...

very nice..sweet sgt..be a good person ok..for ur family..n your life..

ayeen:) said...

erkk..sweet??ne d..im the worse:((

farehul said...

u think u are the worse..but try to think positive..
we are what we deserve to..(betul ke omputeh aku ni..hahaha)

ayeen:) said...

hurmm..yeah i will..mode:positive:))

farehul said...

good sign from a good girl..:)