::jujur itu penting uols::

hoooreeeeyyyy:))..thanks to ticher ina for the award.honestly im not the honest person and this award is should be given to some else.ehehe..by the way, im happy for this award.:))

10 things that you should know about me..honestly:)

- im straight..not a gay or lesbo not even biseksual:)
- prefer guy than girl in term of friendship
- very sensitive
- stubborn
- laugh a lot
- hate lizard
- love arts
- cant tolerate with maths/ numbers
- hard to socialize with others
- temperamental

and i would like to give this award to all my fellow friends who read this blog and thank you so much for the support..love you all:))

ps: being honest this time.really:)


Alynn Notnot said...

i prefer being friends with guys too ;)

DILA is AZIE said...

i'm also a very sensitive girl. :)

ayeen:) said...

alynn notnot:yeah..xbanyak kerenah kan??ahaha^^

dila:ehehe..sama lah kita..boleh geng ni^^

star_gazer said...

hate lizard t0o!!! eeuuwww >.<

ayeen:) said...

yeay..geli do sama cicak..yucksss:)

star_gazer said...

twu xpe..nak2 kalo lipas2 2 terbang..pergh..maw guwe yg lari dlu..ahahah

ayeen:) said...

ahahaa..lipas tadelah menyampah sangat berbanding dengan cicak..:)