::dad..i miss you so much::

how i wish..
you will be beside me..
lend me your strength..
and give me a warm smile..
comfort me with warm touch..
hug and kiss me..
console me when im depress..
with your words and advise..

how i wish..
you always be there..
and lend me your shoulder..
just like you used to..
or laugh and cry..

how i wish..
i can see you..
just like before..
but of course
i can't..
because you already in heaven..

all i can do now..
i just pray..and pray..and pray..
always..and like i used to..
since the last day i saw you..

i will not forget your smile..
your warm face..
your warm touch..
your nice words..
your advise..
i will always pray for you..daddy..

i love you so much..even i hardly articulate, but you know..deep down inside my heart is where you belong..

ps: i am daddy's daughter..


Arra JaSmY said...

touchingnye..tetibe rindu lak kt my dad.huhuhu

ayeen:) said...

ouch..really??yeah..really miss my dad

widda_me said...

akak..abah wida kata semua kawan2 wida anak dia...
jangan la sedihhhh..tak suka...

::semoga dia aman di sana..amiiinnnnn

ayeen:) said...

ahaha..kem salam abah no..pasni boleh la mintak duet sara diri sekali kan??

kata anak..ahahha:))


Alynn Notnot said...

may God bless your father in the afterlife.

slevin said...

erm... *speechless* tterharu..

ayeen:) said...

tengs everyone..amin:)