::dont fool me lah::

wassup dog??i just wanna let you guys know this.dont have to pretend you both are so good and innocent.you make me laugh hard enough till my tears come out.ahahah.you guys so fucking annoying and irritating.you know what..there is nobody acted like a fool than you do.haih.

if you guys are cool with that.just go on.and live in a lie.nobody cares.but dont dare to see me if you get a trouble.and i dont want to listen to any single crap thing come out from your mouth.you guys do the shyt and settle it on your own.i wont bother any more.

don't ever dare to see me after this with your own shyt cover all over your body and ask me what to do.i don't want to get involve in everything.just stop to using me as your shield to cover your ass..arsehole!

ps:pissed off and disappointed.

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