::pls cut the crap::

hello again and very good morning everybody..

today is such a fine day like the other day..urmm..i woke up early this morning..why??because i have to accomplish my assignment..today we wanna gabungkan the task..yucksss!! i slept few hours je yesterday..so fucking tired and sleppy la..aiseh..

its been a long time since i did my last homework*sweeping..mopping etc* wah..my room look like a tongkang pecah la..cant stand it anymore..but i dun feel nk kemas the room right now..ahahaha..so fucking malas la..

urm..what else wanna say a??owh ya..i guess i wanna stop talking shyt la..why??kinda bored fighting with a envious people who think their are better than us..wakakkaka..sal actor/actress stopping by and chitchating with us pon da jeles..soooooooooo melayu..hello people..wake up la..bukan nk sombong ke hape..no need to fight over something stupid like this..just be youself if you wanna people to like you..soooo budak-budak..no need la to show off your gediks style in front of us..muak tengok..cam nk muntah twu x??

just cut the crap people..it wasting your time btw..


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