::whats up??::

assalamualaikum wbt and happy weekend peeps.

already in month of June.kinda awkward.yet.confusing.i better hurry.if not i must left behind.far..so..far away...oke.thats not funny..at all.believe me.blurghhhh..

oh ya..fifi told me that the girl already get married last weekend.which is, she promise to invite while she dont actually.and.im decided to change the wedding theme from pinkblue to no-i-cant-decide-it-right-now color.oh.lemau saya ini.

oh ya..fathers day is coming up.i cant wish it to my father but can wish to all the other fathers in this world.live your life.love your family.have a good friends.dont talk nonsense.dont fight.and.peace ya:)

ps:been confusing with the word HIDAYAH.whether is the name of a girl or nur from Allah.btw, both also better..eheh..sorry ewan.im kinda mamai..thehehehe..

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