just another blahhh..

assalamualaikum wbt and happy sunday peeps.

uhuh..since leman got sick, this blog have been abandoned so badly by me,.im sorry sayang..it just beyond my control oke.later i will manja n belai you every day and night.eceh..like i have the time kan??ohh..just a quick update.about what had happened recently.

-----------------------may 2012-----------------------
been transfer to reTakaful department.assist kak linda and kak maz..
happy holidays with office mate at perhentian.
applied for a branch position at ipoh.---> got it.yeay!
planned for surprise bdae party dada with his love, nani @secret recipe the curve.having karaoke time with both of them and ewan and pian, and having  a wild fun time somewhere after that.
oh.i forgot what the heck im doing.

 ---------------------june 2012-----------------------
attended mai solemnization.and uhh..just cant believed she's going first.btw.im happy for her.and yes.im happy dapat jumpa lieza gangster.eheh.
17.06 - naik broga.bbq party with office mate.oh yeah.cant wait..

oke.actually, fuck it.i dunno what else to write down.it just not me.and i kinda mess up today.later people.

ps:going back home.

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