::hanging by the moment we kiss goodbye::

its gone..
just like that..
just like the mist..
blowing by the wind..

just like the mannequin statue
stood by there..
all alone..
no one to care..
no one to share..

take the blade..
swing around..
upon arrival..
it left behind..
a deep scar..

that wound wont easily heal..
and it will still bleed..
till the end..

take the phone.
and make a phone call.
dial the number
it reach to someone.
and thank God..
im still there.

i know you know..
we both do know..
all the mistake..
all the blame..
i will not carry around..




::one step closer::

assalamualaikum wbt..

18 june 2012 - just like the other monday except today been busy since morning..here and there.just wandering around.playing busy.cheit..today i start all over again.feeling like a new staff been accepted in this office.kak liza hand me an SOP for branch operation and i felt like im taking an exam for killer subject..sitting around made me felt a bit uncomfortable.i dont like that kind of feeling and i decided to go upstairs as i asked kak liza's permission first.and she said oke.so here i am..sitting at my seat again.updating my blog using companys's pc.haha..misused the company's property.well..im kinda bored and i will die in the boredom syndrome which is will waste of my age.nahh..i will not do that.definitely not me..ehehehehe..

by the way, apart of me is happy for being transfer to ipoh..apart of me is oppose the transfering decision ive been made.oke..dear me, im not doing this for half me only..i do this for me.the future of me.im not going to sit here watch all my friends getting a better life while i dont make any action to change my life.that so unthoughtful noraini.and deep inside, i know we both know that i love myself more than anything else.

dear me.life is not goes around like you wish to.ypu have to grab any opportunity upon you.you cannot just sit back and relax and just watching the day and asked the opportunity to stop by in front of you.that's not gonna happen.not ever.you have to chase them around.beg them for choosing you and until then, you will success in your life.bear in mind noraini.

i am happy for myself.im doing a good.nope.a great decision.i hope i will turn into somebody which make my parents proud to say that" that's my girl..we proud of you kakak"

mak, i promise you.this gonna provide a better life for me.for you..i promise you.im not gonna put you in such trouble anymore.hehe.thanks for being such understanding and sporting mother to me.you're the one and only that i have right now.and i love you so much..and i love abah too.thanks for having me as a daughter.thanks for rised me up eventhought you both have to struggle.oh.demn.im crying.

and i know.you know the rest im going to say.:)

till here peeps.and have a nice monday.


::surat untuk abah::

bulan depan saya pindah ipoh abah..
saya dekat sikit dengan abah..
nanti ada masa lapang saya lawat abah..
lama gila saya tak pegi tengok abah kan??
rindu kan??
hehe..saya tahu itu...

nanti saya sambut ulang tahun saya kelahiran saya dengan abah lah..oke?
oh..nanti kita puasa sama sama abah.
macam dulu-dulu..
dan raya juga...
saya rasa saya sambut dengan abah..
sekarang anak abah ada dengan abah..
abah suka tak?
saya sayang abah lah...

ps:selamat hari bapa..abah.i love you so stronglah.



untuk awak.

assalamualaikum wbt...

hai babe.saya cuma ingin menyatakan di sini bahawa saya gila kan anda.saya gembira mendengar suara awak.saya tahu anda sihat walafiat.jadi saya tidak akan risau lagi.rindu andalah :D

semoga tenang dan aman di sana.jaga diri budak :)

::whats up??::

assalamualaikum wbt and happy weekend peeps.

already in month of June.kinda awkward.yet.confusing.i better hurry.if not i must left behind.far..so..far away...oke.thats not funny..at all.believe me.blurghhhh..

oh ya..fifi told me that the girl already get married last weekend.which is, she promise to invite while she dont actually.and.im decided to change the wedding theme from pinkblue to no-i-cant-decide-it-right-now color.oh.lemau saya ini.

oh ya..fathers day is coming up.i cant wish it to my father but can wish to all the other fathers in this world.live your life.love your family.have a good friends.dont talk nonsense.dont fight.and.peace ya:)

ps:been confusing with the word HIDAYAH.whether is the name of a girl or nur from Allah.btw, both also better..eheh..sorry ewan.im kinda mamai..thehehehe..


just another blahhh..

assalamualaikum wbt and happy sunday peeps.

uhuh..since leman got sick, this blog have been abandoned so badly by me,.im sorry sayang..it just beyond my control oke.later i will manja n belai you every day and night.eceh..like i have the time kan??ohh..just a quick update.about what had happened recently.

-----------------------may 2012-----------------------
been transfer to reTakaful department.assist kak linda and kak maz..
happy holidays with office mate at perhentian.
applied for a branch position at ipoh.---> got it.yeay!
planned for surprise bdae party dada with his love, nani @secret recipe the curve.having karaoke time with both of them and ewan and pian, and having  a wild fun time somewhere after that.
oh.i forgot what the heck im doing.

 ---------------------june 2012-----------------------
attended mai solemnization.and uhh..just cant believed she's going first.btw.im happy for her.and yes.im happy dapat jumpa lieza gangster.eheh.
17.06 - naik broga.bbq party with office mate.oh yeah.cant wait..

oke.actually, fuck it.i dunno what else to write down.it just not me.and i kinda mess up today.later people.

ps:going back home.