::hari ini hari rabu.sejuk.beku.dan.di sini ada banyak ayam::

assalamualaikum wbt..and..hello wednesday..

uhh..its a bit late to said it but hell, i dont care..haha..

well, right now, i am missing something..i am missing me, actually..but the only me, that i always be..that want to hide.i want to erase.i want to delete if i can.right now.at this moment.and.how i wish i can do that.

i want to be a new person.a brand new one.which the truly me.without shadow.without past life.without people who knew who i am.and.how i wish i can have that strength to become a new person.new soul.new life.and all..perhaps.

right now.i just want to be a serious person.who think before act.silence not loud.positive not negative.yes.

i want to be somebody who always bear in her mind that i am nobody.yes.nobody!

jalan ipoh.

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widda_me said...

uuuuuuuuuuuuu....i rinndddduuuuu uuuuuu