::the end of world...nahhhhhhhhh::

assalamualaikum wbt and happy tuesday..

i should prepare myself.mentally and physychally.why?because.this is april yaw..my probation will finish end of this month.perhaps i can get ready for another adventure.perhaps..perhaps..perhaps...

last weekend, going back home after a while did not spend my quality time with my beloved family.having a chit chat with my sister.gossiping a lot.and.fooling around.and.yes.i am happy.glad to be back home.and having blast.having a good lecture about life.and.love-life perhaps.about scandalous thingy.

and. i felt like there's no other way to face the life i had.i have to go through as one leg already in.i can't just go back and turn away from this life.this is most difficult time.

please Allah.help me go through this path.the path that i chose.give me strength.i need Your help and bless.

ps:stay away!!

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