::lets make love people::

assalamualaikum wbt and happy raya haji people (smile.smile)

okay.i dont know what people think about me as they saw me for the first time.i dont want to think negative about this but it kinda scary to think bout what people gonna say about me.

opps..sorry.thats not the main point here.what im gonna write on this entry is about love.there is no one in this lovely earth wants to be lonely.at least we need a friend.who can always be beside us through thick and thin.and so forth.

for me, to be love and to love someone is something that truly pure.the feeling that cannot be force or because of sympathy.you cannot expect people to reply your feeling even though you are deeply, madly, truly fall in love with her/him.kan??sometimes love can be in term of scarify.scarifying your love towards him/her by letting her/him go.to get his/her own life.to walk on their own path.

i love when someone told me that he love me because of me.without any reason at all..or whatsoever because i do believe that kind of reason will fade away through time.reason like'oh babe..you're so sweet.' 'i like your face.cute'bla..bla..bla..when the cute face become ugly fugly, do he mind to stay with me?when im no longer sweet, do he stay with me?nah...i dont think so..

hurm..whatever is..enjoy the love.spread it all over the world.so that we can live in peace.forever.dont forget to smile and say hi/hello/salam or whatsoever to strangers or friends or family or else..cause your single super sweet smile can brighten some else life.who knows kan?

ps:selamat hari raya haji.

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