::she hates me::

assalamualaikum wbt and good day people.

i know this girl long time ago.we're not that close but still talking to each other once a while.i have a strong instinct saying that she hates me..yeah.things happen for a reason.and i know why she hates me.since we get to know each other.im not trying to be negative thinker here.but i just know.

i tried to be nice to her.im sincere to her.to be one of her friend who she can trust.whenever i heard her had a trouble i try to console her.be with her trough thick and thin.good and bad.but she just cant accept me the way i am.or maybe she still think bout the past.what happen in the past is nothing to do with me girl.im not a

sometimes.deep in my heart,i do regret for what had happen between me and her.if not may be we dont have to know each other and fight like this.sometimes i thought may be she need times to console herself.and let her be that way if its the only way we can still be friend.or may be im the one who can undur diri and forget the friendship.like she care kan??

oh.dont know what else to do.berbahagialah kawan.lantak kaulah mahu buat apa.i always be here if you need me.im tired to feel like terhegeh-hegeh mahu berkawan dan berbaik dengan kau lagi.have a good life.

ps:make love peeps:))


irayani said...

tapi saye syg kamoo:)

ayeen:) said...

hehe..saya tahu.saya sayang kamoo jugak:))

ashraf said...

persetankan saja minah tu.go on with ur life.heheheh

ayeen:) said...

ye.aku dah nyahkan dia dari idop aku dah.lantaklah dia

zulhilmi tempoyak said...

who is she..??