::the day is done and im having fun::

assalamualaikum wbt and good day everyone:)

hows you guys doing?hope everything is okay as we're already reach the quarter of year 2010.yeah as for mine also, i already get the job.for time being.may be until the end of this year.

i actually quite upset when all the post that i've been applied, was never replied by the company.i don't know why..may be i just not suitable for the post.or..ah.. never mind.the post is never mean to me anyway.if it does mean to me, i don't have to wait for such a long time like this kan?aha.

anyway, thank to Allah for giving me all the rezeki that i have this day.the job i mean.the boss are really nice and the colleague, Mina was so good to me. even though shes young than me, but she taught me so many thing.

and i remember those time when i was at Bucherry's shop somewhere in kajang.where me, kak vie, ain, ika and cek mek molek, which i forgot the name spending time together.share the laughter and gossiping all day long while sitting around whenever free.when nenek came and we suddenly become rajin and stop talking.ehe.and pakcik guard with louder voice and his friend, si jul(singkatan juling), who always bertandang at our shop to tayang muka macam cantik sangat..and also another morning guard who always disturbing me when i came early to the shop.and not to forget, makcik guard who always try the shoes and never buy any and keep saying "keep this one for me.i'll come back later to buy." or "this shoes not nice.too high..or too big..or too bla..bla..bla.."..and i stayed only for a month there:)

when i was 18, i was working at Dunkin's Donut and yes i became like donut.my body mengembang macam apa je.i miss kak ros, kak zura, kak something2..siti, pojie, sofi, and his friend which i forgot the name is.we were good friend.me,kak something2, pojie, sofi and his friend.we always spend time together..i mean working together.sofi and his friend only come to lepak and makan free saja.i miss those time.we laugh and talk to each other while waiting for my bus.oi,,rindulah korang.

and when i moved on to damansara uptown, i working as a floor crew at secret recipe.working with miss linda, uncle lim, miss emily, jackie, kak je, rafik, inez, khairil, sufian, am, fauzi, kak eni, makcik, abg usop and the rest.i really closed with khairil and kak ju.and inez before she quit her job.she always belanja me piece of cake and we ate together.ahha..she's cute and nice young lady.kak ju and her husband always send me back home or else she ask khairil to send me home but i refused.she said she only concern about my safety.

with this kind of experiences i got from the several job, i learnt a lesson.learn to know people.who we can trust, who can we rely on, who can lend their shoulder..friends, enemy, backstabber, gossip girl, two faces..ahh..priceless:))

ps:oh no..im old already..dush,.dush~


Hailey Francis Thomas Goitom said...

ahaksss....tahniah kak sbb dah ade keje...sama2lh kite mmbanting tulang ye....hehehe~~~

ayeen:) said...

ehehehe..tau takpe..kau still keje kfc lagik ke??aku nak cepat keje stabil..:)

irayani said...

kau keje kt mne bf??

ayeen:) said...

tesco melaka.:)