::it's raya time::

assalamualaikum wbt and very good day people:)

its been a long time since my last post.hurm.quite boring for past few weeks.currently im still looking forward to find a job.any job which i can use my energy and brain of course.i just not lucky enough i guess.ahaha.

owh.still in the mood of raya puasa.just like last year.but instead of bakar lemang, we baked cookies together for the first time.muaklah makan kuih beli ni kan?and of course went back to kampung mak at sega lama, before heading back to kl on that night to spend second raya with my brother in law family in seri menanti.finally, had a chance to see face to face with my cansellor of course.best.owh ya.lupa mahu mention.anak dia hensem amat doh.*drooling okey*

a week before raya, had a flu fever.i thought sudah kena denggi.sebab all the sendi-sendi sakit yang amat sangat kan.went to doctor and he said the sign is already there but lucky it isn't.glad i don't have to spend my raya at hospital.

owh.after a month spending my precious time with my lovely mom, yesterday went back to melaka with my sister.ohh miss my mom so much.berat hati mahu tinggalkan dia after a month bermanja-manja dan bermalas-malasan di rumahkan.adoi.now it's hunting time to get a paycheck.oh.oh.kerja.hopefully will be lucky this time kan?who knows right?

till next post peeps.daaa:]

ps:im scaredlah..o_0

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