::"I Love to Touch My LG Cookie Hand-Phone".::

wooohooo..don't get any wrong ideas about the title okay.its a contest that LG held with the collaboration from nuffnang, all the nuffnangers will have a chance to win this new series.it's cool right??

why we love the touch screen hand-phone so badly??the reason is by using your fingertips, you can do easily whatever you want to do.from browsing the web, dial a number, type a message with all those fun and unique features which will let you stay in touch with your love one and stay cool as others. having the touch screen phone is something that must-have-today-to-make-your-life-easier.as they act like a personal assistant not only for the businessman but to all people including me to help me cope with the hectic life:) without having to press all the button like the other ordinary phone and hurt my finger, i can easily done the things using only the fingertips and touch the screen smoothly as easy as an abc. thanks to LG for the improvement.plus the touch screen is very in today right peeps??

well for the info LG is launching the brand new LG Cookie series called the LG Cookie 3G, LG Cookie Plus and LG Cookie Fresh, with 5 new colours to boot.the three new exciting models that give you smart social network service (SNS) connectivity, with LiveSquare unique feature that lets you stay in touch online in a dynamic interactive experience.all models also feature fun, cartoon-styled user interfaces with colourful themes as well as a multitude of multimedia tools including music, video, photos and application downloads from LG.

so what are you waiting for??go get them one for free here by entering the contest and have a blast party ever with all the cute monster costume you ever got. plus Kenny Sia wil be the host at the party.yeay!

ps: yosh.its time to party:))

::credit to nuffnang for the info::

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