::after a while..here some story::

its been a while since im gone from ukm and cannot connect through internet to update all the activities ive been working on lately.yea.its kinda awkward not to touch my karim for such a long time.yeah.karim's been sleeping all day long since ive been using jaja's lappy to watch movie all the time.owh..its nothing to do with me not online for a while.jaja's been busy working all day and nite and seem she doesn't have much time to go pay her bill.* long sigh*

its been a 2 weeks spend time with her at melaka doing currently nothing but fully housewife with all those lazy attitude.heh.for heaven's sake.im good at it.coming back home-town on july for another housewife job.well..good luck for me.this jon has no pay..at all.what a heck..guess that a price ive to pay for them since they were help me through tick and thin.ive got energy and thats all i have..at least for now right??

yeah..helping jaja's with her getting marry stuff really give headache.how a lot of stuff undone.yet.okey.at least for hantaran sudah siap a little bit.the marry thing really drive me crazy.there's a lot of thing to take care..to buy..money??flow like a water..you never know where is your money going..and suddenly its just gone.puff..like a smoke blew by the wind..Y_Y

owh yeah..on the way back from raub on sunday.we were heading to nilai 3 to buy some stuff and yes we nearly died because of the stupid driver of BJW 617 if im not mistaken.that driver drove like he/she were drunk.it was so closed and we can feel the car moving like crazy.kiri kanan.kiri kanan.oh i cant imagine if i die at the highway and become a ghost, i swear i will haunt that driver.

hurm..currently, still looking forward to have a steady job.and pray for the better opportunity and offer.its all i can do for now.keep looking and keep praying.may Allah put His bless on me.amin.bye

ps: struggle with internal affair.:))

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