::ktr-the proposal::

halo peeps,

last sunday, the KTRians were invited to do the closing show for ICAF - Inter College Arts Festival. We presented the Anton Chekov scrip called "the Proposal". Cast for this show is:-

Stephan Stephanitch - Fadzlee Norhisyam
Natalia Stephanovna - me..
Ivan Vasilavitch - Hailey Goitom

It was a good show, as the audience enjoy and understand what we talking and argue about as they laugh all the way..hurm..as i enter the floor, i forgot the rest of my dialog and lucky me, my partner was Hailey adn he did help me by improvise himself.and we just talk and argue by using our own words.hehe..syam also did well in his role.even though the show already carca marba but still good.im gonna miss this play.and the training that we had together from the first til the last..

i just wanna thank you for those who give us full support during the training either direct or indirect.and not to forget, to burhanuddin helmi..congratulation.you guys deserved the trophy and all..

ps:gonna miss natalia stephanovna so much:)

::pic will be update soon::


Hailey Francis Thomas Goitom said...

How do u do, dear Natalia Stepanovna??

ZooL.Ahmad said...

terlepas laagi nak tgk ko berlakon..

ayeen:) said...

hoiley:im doing fine.tq:)
zul:ahahaha..bukab best pon aku berlakon.:)