the story begin when a couple lost their third child.kate and john then adopt one russian kid from the local orphanage.they took esther home with them.esther then get a home welcoming from the couple previous kid name max while the second child, daniel is less welcoming.

esther, who peeping the couple while having sex and expresses more knowlege about it grows suspicious in kate heart.her (esther) soon after she arrives pushed her classmate from the playground slide.max who saw her shove the girl then covered her by saying that esther classmate was slipped over.

kate, being warns by the head of the orphanage, sister abigail about esther weirdo, who later being killed by the girl.esther smashed sister abigail head with hammer after overheard the conversation between them.esther later asked max to help her hide the body and the hammer which seeing by daniel.esther then treathen daniel if he try to tell anybody what he saw.

kate soon get a news that esther is came from a mental institution in estonia called saarne institute.the situation became more chaos after the girl try to kill daniel twice.she then killed john and try to kill max.

could kate save her family from the psychotic kid??who is esther anyway??what are the secret that she holds??

watch "orphan" to reveal her secret..

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