::review murder::


hello folks..

urmmm..what is in your mind if you guys see or involve in murder??insane??scare to death??try to solve the case???

yeah.thats what happening to this police guy name ling kwong starred by aaron kwok in the latest hong kong movie name "MURDER".this guy trying harder to solve the case.its begin when he woke up one day from fainted in dilapidated building where his operate one case and he losing his short term memory. next to him is his colleague died with the bloody holes full in his body which made by electric hand drill. his colleague who was murdered violently is the third victim of the bloodletting murders.

this serial killer love to see the victim watch how they died slowly, painfully and in imaginable way. after killed his victim, his soon leave the crime scene with no track and clueless to all the policeman.in order to catch the cruel serial killer and took a revenge on his friend death, ling kwong in very best way to solve the case.but everytime he went through the clues, he finds that all the clues are pointing at him and it become even more suspicious when he dig all the information about the murder.its complicated to ling.

the lost of the short term memory really drive him to the madness. his losing the trustworthy towards himself. he dont know who the killer is. how the killer select his victim. what drive him to kill. it is him who killed all the victims??all we can see in "MURDER"..

watch out.you maybe the next!


widda_me said...

wa.....dh jd cm ed imran....review filem.....bgus

ayeen:) said...

lagi best review film dr mengarot tak tentu pasal.
aku dah bosan.