have you ever experience something odd??
and you dont know how to express you feeling??
have you ever love someone..
and its make you cry..
have you need something very badly..
and its make you helpless..
have you try to speak something..
and the right words wont come out..
have you ever been with someone..
and they steal your heart away..
you give them the hint..
to make them feel the same thing too..
you try harder to make them understand..
but you dont know where to start..
what you suppose to say..
have you ever meet someone..
and they suit you..
and you will do anything just to see them..
have you ever find your soulmate..
and you give your heart to them..
but they never return the feeling..
have you ever close your eyes..
and keep dreaming about them..
and how you wish they were there..
to accompany your night..
but they never did..
and all you can do is waiting for the moment..
for them to care..
and how you wish it will come true..
have you ever love somebody..
and you try harder to get into their arms..
to get close to their heart..
to get them feel the same akward..
to make them understand..
that you only need them to be apart of you..
that you only want to spend the rest of your life with them..
that you only want them stand next to you..
that you only want to share everything in your whole life with them..

ps:memories remain....