I Don’t Want to Rest in Pieces like Final Destination

i still remember those day since my cousin was hitted by lightning thunder.i only 7 years old that time.i was so scared to death. it happened about 17 years ago.

it was a bright and windy day that evening. me and my siblings together with my cousin was planning to play a kite at my school field that day. we all so happy to see the kite fly high in the air. we run here and there while the mouth keep mumbling to each other.we all compete one another to see who's kite is flying the most higher. while we still busy running and flying the kite, when suddenly we heard the sound very loud like "bang". it was so near to us. we all scream frightened."alamak..kilatlah..lari..lari.."

we run for our precious life trying to find some place where we can hide and covered up from the mad lightning thunder. the lightning fired anything in his way like tree, land, and others. the situation became choas where we screaming and crying like we all get the punishment from God for our sins. For your information, my mum does tell me about this matter which i really believed it in. She said that when the lightning thunder will hunt down anyone who did wrong in their life.

we hide behind the tree which planted near the field. we all pray to God for the safety of us. while we keep busy holding and hugging each other, my eldest cousin started to screamed in pain loudly. we didn't realised when the exact time he was hitted by the lightning. it's happened too fast. his face turn into deep red. his tee-shirt started to burned. what we do is just watched him laying down on the ground. we got the panic attacked. we don't know what to do. we just crying and screaming.hugging each others.

suddently, my brother said to me to call my mum and get the ambulance for him. i run as fast as i can to tell my mother the news. and my mother sooner call the ambulance to take him to the nearest hospital. my cousin have the third degree burned at the back of his body. but luckily, his still alive and survived from the death experience..

at this time, watching my cousin struggled for his life turn me into gratefull person. im glad im still alive in this globe. im glad i didn't burn into dust and swept by the wind. and now, every moment i see or hear the sound of "evil" lightning catch the "evil" person, i always turn my face around.cover my ears and shut my eyes tightly. and sometimes i just went under the bed where i guess the safe place for me to hide.

-scared to death-

we cannot cheat death.we cannot run from it.its like a hunger try to feed its stomach. it will hunt us down. but, i really hope that i will die peacefully not piece-fully. thank you.

ps: check out the latest movie from the director of David R. Ellis about bunch of teenagers who having the premonition about DEATH. what will happen to them??may they rest in peace?

::presenting final destination 4::



widda_me said...

i want anything2 but free ticket..clap2...clap

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ayeen:) said...

yeAH..gigih usaha..

widda_me said...

mari trus berusaha utk contest merdeka