::entry kosong::

to you..if you read this.which i believe you dont..

i need such a loyal friend not a backstabber..i almost death thinking bout this kind of people.i used to think why they behave like immature idiot???it wasnt funny when you involved in this kind of feeling conflict.and it became worse when all people that you love involved in the same conflict too and it even worse when you have no body to trust.*sigh* forgive me if im wrong.

i cannot handle this kind of conflict.not for this moment.yet i have my own problem which ive to deal with.im so sorry.sorry you have to experience this kind of feeling.which obviously not so guwd. not so sweet.not nice at all.*sigh again*

i wish..you will wake up one bright morning thinking.all the mistake that you ever made.thinking bout all the feeling that you ever hurt.thinking that all the people that you love.that you care.we all love you.care bout you.but please change you attitude toward others.otherwise just forget bout this lil friendship.i dont want you wake up one day and regret for all misbehaved you did before.

ps: ingatlah orang yang tersayang..and ive tried hard enough towin your heart.but it never work.hye..what kind of steel your heart made of??i always thought the fact that you hates me.. and its true right??my instinct never lie..

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