::wild child::

thing going pretty wild today.i dunno where else to stand.im stuck.in the state i dont belong too.i hate being like this.there is no reason for behaving like this.this is not true.not true at all.im dreaming..am i??

owh..i hate when im stuck between my mind and my feeling.if i always the one who should be blame..and what about you??if im the one who always dont know how to take care of your feeling..and what about you??dont you think we are in the same boat??

right now..im wanna ask you to do this.i take care my business and you yourself take care of yours. i dont want to get involved in every single thing about you anymore.you should know the consequences for your behaviour toward others in the very beginning.and now..its too late dear. fuck.i hate you lah.

ps:encek setan.sila jangan hasut-hasut saya lagi.saya masih waraslah.dah.berambus sana kau.

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