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its been a long time since i didnt see her neither other friends of mine.since i left school.even we are so close..live nearby..we didnt have much time to hanging around.like we used too.i really miss them.so much.they are what i called the best friends forever.

we understand each other.we support each other.we like to do thing together.we hate people who didnt respect our right or the others right.we live in our own world.we created the world where there is no one can harm us.

we did everything together.from lying for a bahulu.being sarcastic.being racist.*swear to God,you wouldn believe what we have done before* picnic.cycling.gossiping.bully others.and we have so much fun together..arent we??it was a great years.ang awesome experience.we did changed our present on our big day.yeah.we often collected money from the three of us to gave the present to the other one.

there was two on july while the rest on september.nope.actually there always the three of us who stick together.within good and bad.there always us.i miss you guys.when we can gather together again ya??

do you guys remember the promise that we made??to see in other in five years after the SPM?? now.its more than 5 years.its already 7 years.and we still couldnt find the right time to gather.owh..well i hope you guys do well in your life.

live long and prosper=]

missed all the memories that remain in mind.frindship till end of life.


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