.gambar tiada kena mengena dengan yang hidup atau yang telah mati.



to all my KTRians senior who already finished their study like redziz,pejal,kak ecah and others
who i missed to list the name.congratulations and a big hug and kiss to all of you for all the advise, the memories, the laugh, the tears, the sweet time we shared together.best of luck in you guys life.special dedicated for kak ecah.dont be soooo choosy in finding your
partner in crime. haha.dak muda pon leh tahan what??


hurm..what im gonna say ya??thanks to all the colleagues who give me all the stress til my best bud, encek migrain menyerang few times.thanks for bullying me.i never forget all of you and the time we had together.all the memories will remain in my mind.forever.i just hope that my pengganti will receive a better layanan.ahaha.its a guy.so please dont be naughty ya puan-puan sekalian.soon enough i will leaving you guys.take care ya.ahah.can't wait to get out from the damn hell soon..hoyeah.

to all friends which i made up here.thx a lot for being my friends.esp for rose from unitar.thx for accompany me walking down the street every morning.ehhe.gonna miss it girl.=]

ps:i wanna take a break for a while.very exhausted.sucks!

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