::mengong ah::

we being dorky..as usual..:))

::Sisters Heart to Heart::

From the time that we were little,
I knew you'd always be
Not just a loving sister
But a caring friend to me.

A shoulder I could cry on,
A helping hand in times of need,
A cheerleader to lift me up,
My angel in both word and deed.

We told each other secrets;
We giggled and we cried.
We shared our joys and sorrows--
We were always side by side.

We have a very special bond;
I knew it from the start.
You'll have my love forever--
We're sisters, heart to heart.

::kdt to angah..beloved sista..o_0::


Azelin M.Marz said...

wah kembang hidung gua..DD jGn jeles..anGah bkn nk pisah kan kOrg if we r guin out tOgether..u jez been jeles cOs nOni gOt sister like me..aauuww..;p

ayeen:) said...



*ala..dd mmg..ske igt ak ni mlk dia sorg je...gedik la lu wei*

Didie said...

fuck u

ayeen:) said...

jgn mencarot d page saya...