i believe in dis life..we all have someone that we truly love..someone that we truly care about..someone that we truly need..someone that we truly wanna hug..someone that we truly wanna kiss..someone we truly adore..someone that we truly happy to be wit..someone that we truly respect..someone that we gonna miss..someone that we truly wanna die wit..someone that we truly wanna spend most of the precious time wit..someone that we truly wanna spend our life wit..someone that inspiring..someone that we truly cant stop think about..someone that always be by our side..someone that can calm us down..someone that can cheer us up..someone that can lend his shoulder..someone that can be our spirit booster..someone that can be our advisor..someone that can nagging at us..someone that love us because of us..:]

the truth is..i got that person already..:]

im the luckie duckie to have him in my life..:]

tada..the winner goes to..(drum roll)



Didie said...

if i b meet uncle hussen band mate...
i will throw away my AJL trophy..
because... i already won the top of ur heart..
i love ur heart..feel like wanna suck it like shyte..dem u yayang...

ayeen:) said...

bru kau twu hebat xhebat ak ini??

Azelin M.Marz said...

first of all, shantek page..
secondly, how to link-am soo jeles, cOs dunno how..
third,am wondering is DD also one of the blOgger??huh!!its like a virus these days ah??
forthly, ahhh maleh nk layan jiwang kmU..budak jiwang karat..

ayeen:) said...

reply :-

a) tenkiu..ak twu org shantek mmg page dia pon shantek...wakaka~

b) nk link kne g kat layout..then edit yg link nye side..copy url..paste..pastu letak a nme pe yg ang nk letak

c)dd not one of us..dia sje mengomen ak sbb kne paksa..ahhaha

d)ak twu ang jeles ngn aku..